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The First is the ‘PS Vita Video Capture Kit It,’ from It was the first video capture kit for PS Vita WiFi model, but way expensive at $239. Here’s quote from their website, ” This is a PSvita video capture. Stardew Valley - Blog I also haven’t forgotten about the PS Vita users, some of whom have reported bugs to me. It’s very important to me that I make good on my promises… the idea of expanding further while there are still lingering issues and unmet promises disturbs me, and isn’t something I want to be doing.

Hi guys, I know many of you are still looking to get hands on the "Accessories Slot /Port" Cable for your NGP/PS Vita device, you can use it on ... Random observations on Vita logic board | Yifan Lu Dec 22, 2013 ... The first two pins on the mystery port appear to be ground (or Vdd and Vss). ... Dec 22, 2013 yifanlu PS Vita, Vita Hardware Hacking connector, ... Hardware part names (PCH-1000 series) | PlayStation®Vita User's ...

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psvsd: Custom Vita microSD card adapter | Yifan Lu psvsd: Custom Vita microSD card adapter One thing I love about Vita hacking is the depth of it. After investing so much time reverse engineering the software and hardware, you think you would run out of things to hack. Ps Vita Two Slots - casablanca roulette Ps Vita Two Slots free online blackjack no download css max slots

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PS Vita TV is a mini console that brings games and services to your TV, arrives November for around $100 [ATTACH] This tiny 60mm x 100mm wonder is...Up close, you can see it includes HDMI output, space for a (proprietary Vita) memory card, a slot for Vita games (on the side), plus USB, power and... Mystery Port on the PS Vita - Playstation - |… So I pulled my Vita out of storage the other day and noticed a port on the top of it. I didnt know what it was for, so I did some Googling. Turns out it was an Accessories port what is not found on the later PS Vita 2000 models. It seems as though it was originally meant to be a TV-out port, whic... Можно ли использовать PS Vita как второй контроллер в… виту можно как второй контроллер почти во всех играх использовать. свой контроллер назначаешь другим пользвоателем (например "гость") и цепляешься витой (удалённое управление).

If you already have a PS Vita, you’re probably feeling quite good at the moment. With a ton of games already available and games like Call of Duty and Unit 13 on the way, things are only going to get better.

Ps vita Mystery Port Cable Solved (Part 1) - YouTube Want to take your gaming to over 9000 try out NOSCOPE GLASSES! I talk about what happens to your vita when using the cable ... PS Vita Puzzle Games - PS Vita Mystery Games | GameStop Buy PS Vita puzzle and mystery games at GameStop. Shop our huge selection of new and used PS Vita puzzle and mystery games. The Secret Vita Port Is A Communication Cable ? | N4G It seems that after all this time being kept a secret, the PS Vita's secret port, which is placed beside the Game Cartridge port is a simple communication port. The port was revealed by avid console collector Robert Sebo, he also states that many cables out there are compatible, such as the cable

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For a while time I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and PlayStation enthusiast MCdirtnap. Some days ago he reported that accidentally found a cable from a Sony camera product (Edit: the same port spotted on other cameras as well) as can be seen here, that seemed to fit in the PS Vita’s mystery port.

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